Me, Carl-Frederik Scharffenorth

Owner of this consultancy

I advise managing directors, board members, decision-makers and compliance officers of banks, financial services companies, IT system providers, associations, institutions under public law,”non-governmental organisations (NGOs)”, public authorities, but also lawyers, experts, auditors and fellow economists.

I have more than two decades practical experience in financial regulation, compliance and surveillance. Colleagues describe me as a progressive, driven, eccentric (‘out-of-the-box’), inspirational and creative thinker who is well aware of the bias in human behavior and the importance of accounting for it in corporate operations. For more information visit my LinkedIn profile.

I have a good international network. In case I bear a conflict of interest or if I am not 100% sure that I can add value I will refer you to other highly qualified people.

I am very interested to work with other experts in the field - interdisciplinarity always wins.

Some don’ts*

  1. I do most things, but I do not offer implementation services.
  2. I tend not to discuss prices, but I am open to identify the best suited completeness/density of the project. NGOs do not fall under this rule. Minimum wage applies for them, but I have only a limited amount of days I can offer
  3. I do not bend the rules and as a result: I do discuss arguments, but not my final regulatory assessment.

If you need my assistance please connect on LinkedIn. Let’s evolve!